Dean's Message

Prof. Dr. Aytolan YILDIRIMWith the departments of Nutrition and Dietetics, Language and Speech Therapy, Midwifery, Occupational Therapy and Nursing within the Faculty of Health Sciences of Istanbul Atlas University, it aims to train qualified health workforce to meet the changing and diversifying needs of the society in the health care system of our country.

In realizing these goals, our university will take its basis from its student-oriented approach with its strong educational staff, advanced educational infrastructure and facilities in line with the vision and mission of our university. We believe that our graduates, who will reflect their educational achievements to their services with a professional attitude and understanding in the light of science, will be capable of pioneering change in accordance with the requirements of the age and improving the health and quality of life of the society with the universal principles and values ​​they adhere to. We invite university candidates to go on an educational journey with its strong academic staff, physical and social infrastructure within our Faculty of Health Sciences and to strengthen our health system together.

Professor Dr. Aytolan YILDIRIM
Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences