Nursing (Turkish/English)

Nursing is one of the oldest health professions that emerged with human existence. With its education based on health sciences and social sciences, it is the health care profession consisting of science and art that is most needed in the protection and development of the health of individuals, families and society in all areas of life, recovery in case of illness, adaptation and rehabilitation.

Students who are interested in the nursing program are expected to be interested in biology, physiology, psychology, basic medical sciences and health profession required by the program.

What are the qualifications required by the program?

Students who will choose the Department of Nursing will increase their success if they have high communication skills, empathy, patience, and willingness to take responsibility.

What opportunities does the program offer its students?

Our university offers a comprehensive education with its expert academic staff and multidisciplinary approach. In addition, they can enrich their education by taking advantage of elective courses in coordination with other health sciences programs within our faculty, and if they are successful, they can find a Minor or Double Major in one of the other health sciences programs. Our Basic Sciences Application, Anatomy, Physiology laboratories and units such as the First and Emergency Aid Laboratory, Nursing and Midwifery Laboratory, and Medical Skills Laboratory specially designed for the program offer the most modern infrastructure at the point of education and application to our students.

Nursing Department There is Medicine Hospital belonging to Istanbul Atlas University where our students can do their clinical practice training. Medicine Hospital It offers an environment that facilitates the clinical practice of students with its physical conditions, equipment and healthcare professionals. The university has an understanding of education based on cooperation between the health departments and the hospital.

Istanbul Atlas University Department of Nursingis a project-based education application, project trainings are given to students from the first grade, scientific and social projects are carried out under the consultancy of faculty members, and applications are made to institutions such as TUBITAK.

In all Health Sciences Programs of Istanbul Atlas University, our students adopt the principle of lifelong learning, update their knowledge and skills with continuous education, follow technological developments in clinical settings, communication and care, and reflect computer-aided education-training materials and virtual It also includes reality. Virtual reality is computer graphics technology that has become popular in recent years. This method is a high-level computer-based interactive and multimedia technology that presents virtual objects and environments that mimic natural real environments. In virtual reality technology education, students can maximize their learning by interacting with the environments they live in. In addition, importance is given and opportunity is given to our students to have the equipment to use the developing technology of the age and the new professional methods and approaches developing in this direction, and to develop their skills in using professional devices and technologies.

Our students receive English language education theoretically and practically every semester for four years. At the end of this training, they will graduate with the ability to speak, write and listen in English.

In which fields can graduates find the opportunity to work?

Nursing Department graduates receive the title of "Nurse". Graduates of the department can work in all private and public institutions and organizations providing primary, secondary and tertiary health services, nursing homes, kindergartens, kindergartens, schools, workplaces, as practitioners, educators, administrators and researchers. They can work in the central and provincial organizations of the Ministry of Health and other relevant ministries. They can work independently by opening a health cabin within the scope of their legal rights. Graduates who continue their postgraduate education can continue to work as specialist nurses in health institutions and organizations, or they can take office in universities in academic status by providing the relevant conditions.