Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy; It is an applied health science field that aims to protect and improve people's daily life activities, self-care skills and professional productivity skills through activities. Occupational therapists working in an interdisciplinary team and cooperating with other rehabilitation specialties aim to maximize individual independence by supporting the role of the person in daily life and participation in society.

The occupational therapist is an important part of the rehabilitation team. He actively works with healthcare professionals working in fields such as pediatrics, neurology, rheumatology, geriatrics, and psychiatry. It develops sensory, motor, cognitive and psychosocial skills in order to increase the quality of life, reduce employment problems, and increase social and social participation in all age groups. Ensuring participation in life and independence in life constitutes the most fundamental values ​​and skills that individuals have.

Ergotherapists work with people who are healthy and have health problems to improve health. The ergotherapy program is organized individually. The ergotherapist evaluates the individual in detail in terms of his current skills in home life, work and social environment. It prepares and executes a program for the purpose of protecting, developing these skills, increasing independence and productivity.

Occupational therapy program is a rehabilitation field that is developing in our country and its career opportunities are expanding day by day. Occupational therapy, which has a wide vision, will take its place in the future as a popular health science intertwined with art among health sciences in our country as in the world.

  What are the qualifications required by the program?

The success of the students who will choose the Occupational Therapy Department will increase their success if they are successful in human relations and communication skills, have an investigative personality that makes use of current scientific data, have adopted the principle of lifelong learning and can do their job patiently.

What opportunities does the program offer its students?

Istanbul Atlas University Department of Occupational Therapy, with its expert academic staff and multidisciplinary approach, offers a comprehensive and up-to-date education for our students. Our university offers the most modern infrastructure at the point of education and practice in our laboratory specially prepared for the Department of Occupational Therapy, which is prepared in accordance with the applied fields of occupational therapy science. With the laboratory specially prepared for applied courses, our students have the opportunity to complete their theoretical education in the field of occupational therapy with practical training.

In which fields can graduates find the opportunity to work?

Occupational Therapy Department graduates generally have a wide range of work such as rehabilitation for sensory and developmental disorders, oncological rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation, geriatric rehabilitation, neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation, hand rehabilitation, environmental regulations for health promotion, driver rehabilitation and occupational therapy practices in schools.

Occupational therapists may also work in medical rehabilitation centres, vocational rehabilitation centres, school and training centres, home health services and provide individualized rehabilitation intervention specific to one's demands. Occupational therapists, with their holistic perspective in multidisciplinary rehabilitation processes, can continue their multidisciplinary rehabilitation service harmoniously throughout their career.