Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical therapy and rehabilitation; It is the name given to the treatment of patients with exercises or various applications, as well as some physical therapy modalities such as electric current, hot or cold application, which are made for the purpose of restoring functions and movements that show loss, deterioration or disability due to injury, illness, environmental factors, trauma and old age.

According to the definition of the World Health Organization (WHO), physiotherapists; They are people who evaluate, plan and implement rehabilitation programs to restore or improve motor functions in humans, increase mobility, treat painful conditions, and treat or prevent physical problems that may be brought about by injury, illness or other disorders.

The physiotherapy and rehabilitation program, which is individually planned by physiotherapists, aims at achieving the maximum quality of life for patients or individuals with health problems. It has the right to write and apply the exercise prescription to the sick or healthy people.

What are the qualifications required by the program?

To the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department Students who are interested in it are expected to be successful primarily in the Numerical score type, and in addition, they are expected to be interested in biology, physics, anatomy, physiology, psychology and basic medical sciences required by the program. Students who received the title of "physiotherapist" after graduation; To be successful in human relations and communication skills of all ages in terms of professional success, maturity and usefulness, to adapt to dynamic working life, to have a research personality that makes use of up-to-date scientific data, to adopt the principle of lifelong learning, to approach work with patience, discipline and care, to be helpful and assertive. It is important that they have characteristics such as

What opportunities does the program offer its students?

Atlas University Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, With our expert academic staff and a multidisciplinary approach, we aim to ensure that our students receive the highest level of education, and that they reflect their knowledge and skills successfully in their working lives within the framework of professional ethical principles. In this mission, we offer our 6.100 education, application and advanced research laboratories with a total area of ​​38 square meters and including the largest multidisciplinary laboratories in Turkey. With the Basic Sciences Practice Laboratory, Multidisciplinary Medicine Laboratory, Anatomy, Physiology Laboratories and the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Laboratory and Occupational Therapy Laboratories specially designed for the Program, we provide our students with the opportunity to transfer our professional experiences in the best way possible.

In order for our students to put their theory knowledge into practice and transfer it to professional life in the best way, we provide our students with practice and internship opportunities in our hospital and Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation unit, which serve within our Faculty of Medicine and our University.

In which fields can graduates find the opportunity to work?

Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation graduates have a wide range of work. They can work in hospitals, private education institutions, medical centers, private health institutions, universities, spa / thermal facilities, sports / wellness centers, retirement homes, professional and amateur sports clubs and many more. Physiotherapists on duty; They work in communication and interaction with other professionals of the rehabilitation team such as physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, and physical therapy technicians.