Speech and Language Therapy (Turkish/English)

Speech and language therapy is a popular profession that is newly developing in our country, is needed in many areas, has autonomy and has taken its place among future professions due to need.

Language and Speech Therapy Department; It is an independent, applied science field that complements each other interdisciplinary (interdisciplinary) and multidisciplinary (multidisciplinary). Because of this feature, it is intertwined with many medicine and health departments and diagnosis/therapy processes can be carried out jointly. In particular, voice disorders with ENT, stuttering with psychiatry and psychology, cleft lip and palate with plastic surgery, dental and jaw problems with orthodontics, auditory rehabilitation with audiology, neurogenic language disorders (aphasia) and swallowing problems acquired by neurology are followed together. Language and Speech Therapy is a popular profession that is newly developing in our country, but has taken its place among the professions of the future due to the need in many fields.

Istanbul Atlas University Language and Speech Therapy Department as our aim; To train "Language and Speech Therapists" who know the ways of accessing information, can take responsibility, have gained professional practice skills, have high judgment and can perform their profession in the best way within the framework of ethical rules.

What are the qualifications required by the program?

Students who are interested in the Department of Language and Speech Therapy must be successful in the YKS (AYT) numerical score type. In addition, our students are expected to be interested in psychology, biology, physiology and basic medical sciences required by the program. In terms of professional maturity and usefulness after graduation; Features such as knowing how to benefit from scientific data at the highest level, having advanced communication and persuasion skills, enjoying helping others, being disciplined and patient are important.

What opportunities does the program offer its students?

Among the theoretical courses in the Department of Speech and Language Therapy, biomedical sciences such as anatomy, physiology, neurology, child health and diseases, child neurology, psychiatry, otolaryngology, genetics, orthodontics, plastic surgery, physical therapy and rehabilitation given by. Teaching department competent in the field of phonetics, acoustics, phonology, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, cognitive neuroscience, clinical linguistics, special education sciences and language disorders (delayed speech, etc.), speech disorders (stuttering etc.), voice and swallowing disorders. are given by the staff.

Istanbul Atlas University Language and Speech Therapy Department It is aimed to prioritize training for clinical practice. both Vadi İstanbul A rich professional experience will be provided with the laboratories and state-of-the-art devices in the campus, as well as application and internship opportunities at Istanbul Medicine Hospital. In addition, efforts will be made to reach all patient and client groups by collaborating with special education and rehabilitation centers. In addition to the existing disability, language and speech difficulties are frequently observed in groups with special needs or developing differently (Autism Spectrum Disorder, Hearing Impairment, mental disability, etc.). Therefore, it will be ensured that language and speech therapy services are offered to individuals with both typical development and special needs, and our students will be able to practice with these groups. Our language and speech therapy laboratories: Delayed Language Speech Laboratory, Speech Sound Disorders Laboratory, Fluent Speech Disorders Laboratory, Individuals with Special Needs Training Laboratory, Neurogenic Speech Disorders Laboratory, Voice Disorders Laboratory, Swallowing Disorders Laboratory will raise its standards to the highest. In addition, they can enrich their education by taking advantage of elective courses in coordination with other health sciences programs within our faculty, and if they are successful, they can find a Minor or Double Major in one of the other health sciences programs.

In which fields can graduates find the opportunity to work?

Language and Speech Therapy Department graduates; they can work in language and speech therapy clinics of state hospitals, training and research hospitals, university hospitals and private hospitals. In addition, they can work as Speech and Language Therapists in special education and rehabilitation centers affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. They can also work in aged care centers and nursing homes. Speech and Language Therapists may establish their own private clinics or provide services in clinics they have created together with relevant specialists. Language and Speech Therapists abroad can also work in schools, and studies on this continue in our country. It is planned to provide on-site language and speech therapy services to students by providing employment in schools. In addition, our graduates will have the opportunity to pursue an academic career by continuing their postgraduate education.